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Body Awareness - Eliminating your Limits

When we have our health we have thousands of goals, when

we don’t we have only one.


Our health is the vehicle to all other goals and aspirations in life. Can you run that marathon if you’re suffering from constant back pain, a poor immune system, migraines?

Can you spend hours playing soccer with the kids in the backyard if you’re hip’s playing up again?

This month in the clinic we are raising awareness on body posture and awareness. How much time do you spend dropping into your body, sitting, breathing and noticing. How often do you consciously drop into your body and ask, how are YOU? So many of us get so USED TO the pain state, the recurrent sickness,  the constant headache that it becomes our NORMAL. We no longer QUESTION it and seek improvement. We become comfortable and accepting of this poor state of health. ”Oh well that’s life.”

What would your life look like if you COULD achieve that marathon goal, if you COULD  spend hrs playing with kids and feel alive and energised, what if you didn’t live with that constant hip pain, headache or cold?

I ask you to take a moment today to ask yourself what’s LIMITING you in your body or perhaps in your mind? And then go one step further and ask yourself if that was non existent how would that change my life? What would that allow me to, to feel, to achieve?

Sit with that feeling. THAT is your motivator. To get your regular adjustments, to work on your belief systems, to get up that 1/2 hr earlier to walk before work.



Chelsea x

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