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Knock Knock, Who's There??

Our body is continuously trying to communicate with us, to guide us and to help us.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our ‘to do’ lists andBlog-Post-Jania-Aebi-Communicate-with-body the demands of the modern world we live in, that we operate out of auto-pilot. In auto pilot we are not consciously aware of how our plane is flying… When was the last time you checked the oil? Are you ignoring that weird ticking sound in the engine? When was the last time you gave it the beauty polish it so desperately needs?

Today I ask you to check in. Listen to that sore throat,  headache or lack of energy. Whatever is showing up in your body right now, listen, breathe into it, be aware of it. Our ‘planes’ fly all day every day, taking care of others, exhausting so much energy to reach new heights and this is all expected before touch down at home, no later than 6pm.

We are gifted with these incredibly complex bodies, it’s many systems and abilities. Show your body appreciation and gratitude by being more AWARE. Maybe you need to fly a shorter distance this week? Spend a whole day resting that tired engine? I challenge you this week to practice self awareness. Each day spend as little as 5-10 minutes, eyes closed, breathing consciously. Notice which parts of your body are holding tension, which parts are more stiff than others? Which parts of your body are trying to speak to you and are asking for a little tender love and care?

It seems to be human nature that once something is taken away from us, we realise how grateful we truly are of it’s existence. For example when we suffer from a cold, sprain our ankle, or break an arm. Bring your gratitude and appreciation to your body and the sum of all it’s parts in the present moment, when it is functioning well.

So what are you thanking your body for today???



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