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Listen to the body's whispers

Listen to your Body’s whispers and you won’t have to listen to it scream….

Our bodies are incredible energetic mechanisms which send us signals all day everyday. My question to you today is, how well do you listen?

Many of us make excuses for ignoring the whispers, sweeping the signs under the rug. You may have a crazy schedule with kids soccer practice, dancing, swimming practice, or perhaps a heavy work load? Financially stressed or pushing yourself to reach that new goal? The interesting point I want to make is there will always be SOMETHING, some excuse or some reason why we just simply must ignore the signals. We refuse to prioritise our health and wellbeing until we have no other choice. What if that migraine you’re experiencing could have been prevented? Or the flu you’ve had for weeks now?

Why do we wait until we simply can’t wait any more? I’ve always loved this quote: ”When we have our health we have thousands of goals, when we don’t we have only one.”

I’m not suggesting we all quit our job and commitments to run away to a beach hut in Hawaii… (although I wouldn’t complain about that). What i am suggesting however, is that we listen to the whispers of our body a little more attentively and a little more often. It could simply be that you become aware that after eating grains you feel sluggish and bloated and therefore decrease the intake in your diet. Perhaps you are stressed at work and you’re hearing the whispers saying ‘slow down, breathe’ so you take 15 minutes to meditate.

Start small, listening to the whispers and make adjustments accordingly. Maintain your wellness by simply listening, being aware and maybe just maybe, your body will scream a little less!

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