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Let’s talk about LOVE…

With School returning tomorrow after a great couple of weeks of solid quality time spent between children and their families, I am reminded of the 5 love languages…..

Dr Gary Champan published a book on the concept of there being 5 love languages which are as follows: quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, gifts and acts of service. While these love languages apply to our intimate relationships and are a strong topic of conversation in marriage counseling, they also apply to our friendships, and relationships with our children.

While those kids out their who receive love in quality time, these school holidays would have ticked a few boxes! However, it is important to not only understand how your child best receives love but that one kid may be differ to the others. In addition, many of us by default, show our love in the way in which we personally receive it. For example, if one was feel the most loved when given a gift, we tend to gift others and expect them to feel the same amount of love we would. We generally have 1 or 2 dominant love languages, here is a link on Gary Chapman’s website if you want to find out!

Understanding and actively implementing showing love towards our friends, partners and children in the way they best RECEIVE it is essential to maintaining a fulfilling and happy relationship. It could simply mean ensuring you spend quality time with your child before bed reading a story or telling them via words of affirmation how proud you are of their school assignment. Quite a simple concept, yet very powerful.


Love the team at Buderim Chiropractic xx

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