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Stress and Posture, are they related??

Stress is apart of every day life, however, it is essential to manage this stress to the best of our ability as to avoid it having a detrimental impact on our health and well being.

At Buderim Chiropractic, we are concerned about your overall health and what must also be considered when looking at the bigger picture of your HEALTH is posture and stress. How are they related? Is your poor posture affecting you more than you think?

Stress and posture

Many of us think that poor posture is the result of being hunched over all the time and simply not standing straight enough – myth? I think so. Of course this has an impact but what many people don’t take into account is that posture is also greatly affected by physical, emotional and chemical stressed in our lives. This situation is very much interchangeable. Having poor posture causes stress and being stressed will contribute to poor posture, (it’s a lose lose here folks). The answer? To manage both in your life. The impacts of poor posture ad stress can cause headaches, back pain, muscle strain, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and many more.

What can I do?

Let’s tackle one at a time shall we? (see how less STRESSFUL this is now ;)


There are a myriad of ways to decrease stress in your life and to be honest I’m sure you’ve heard about them all. Yoga, meditation, nature walks, reading books, down time, long baths, listening to music, taking YOU time. Some of you will still exclaim that despite all of these suggestions you may have heard many times before, you’re still stressed! The answer here is the CC’s. Be concise and be consistent. What works for one person may not work for you. Maybe 10 minutes of mediation is too short but 30 minutes is too long? Perhaps the idea of a 5km walk at 5am almost brings on palpitations, yet 2km is manageable. Be CONCISE with your de-stress regime and the be consistent. This is where many of us fall down. ”Nah it’s not for me, i tried it once and didn’t make me feel more better.” Consistency is key, just like with your regular Chiropractic adjustments it’s the same principle. Try it once expecting a miracle, try it a few times and get one.


On our social media pages you will find many ways to improve posture while sleeping, working, driving etc. There are many simple and effective ways to improve your daily posture and therefore decrease stress and health related issues. Come see us at the clinic and we will be more than happy to assess you and give you some guidance on this topic in further detail.


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